A strategic alliance of Guyanese companies to meet demand for internationally recognised maritime safety training.

MATPAL Marine Institute (MATPAL) and TOTALTEC Oilfield Services, through the International Petroleum & Maritime Academy (IPMA), created the Maritime Safety Training Institute (MSTI) to address the increasing need for qualified Guyanese for the new oil & gas industry. ​
MATPAL is the leader in Guyana for maritime training, offering the only courses which are certified by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). IPMA offers a range of courses in oilfield safety and operations,  certified to international standards, complimenting those of MATPAL. 
The alliance provides new, integrated training and educational programs, geared to accelerating the development of a world class Guyanese workforce to participate in both our maritime industry and internationally. Visit MATPAL Marine Institute website ​to learn more.


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    7 Days

    STCW VI / 1

    Basic Safety Training Course
    • Understanding safety information symbols, signs and alarm signals

    • Safety and pollution prevention responsibilities

    • Safe working practices in engine-room operations

    • Basic fire prevention and fire fighting

    • Personal survival techniques

    • Elementary first aid

    • Personal and social responsibilities 

    • Operating fire, weather-tight and watertight doors

    • Safety and fire drills and exercises

    • Refresher Course is Offered as well, and lasts 2 days 

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    2 Days

    STCW VI / 6

    Ship Security Awareness 
    • Compliance with the ISPS code and provisions

    • Understanding techniques used to circumvent security measures

    • Measures to take in the event of a piracy or armed robbery threat or attack

    • Security-related emergency and contingency procedures

    • Designated security duties and responsibilities

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    5 Days

    STCW 11/6

    Ratings Forming Part of a Navigational Watch
    • The use of magnetic and gyro compasses

    • Responsibilities of a look-out

    • Monitoring and controlling a safe watch.

    • Relief, maintenance and hand-over of a watch 

    • Operating emergency equipment and applying emergency procedures.

    • Basic environmental Protection

    • Helm orders

    • Keep a proper look-out by sight and hearing

    • Internal communication and alarm systems

    • Information required to maintain a safe watch 

    • Knowledge of emergency duties and alarm signals 

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    5 Days

    STCW 11/6

    Ratings Forming Part of an Engineering Watch
    • Names of machinery and equipment

    • Safe working practices in engine-room operations.

    • Operating emergency equipment and applying emergency procedures 

    • Escape routes from machinery spaces

    • Boiler watch and maintaining the correct water level and steam pressure

    • Basic environmental procedures

    • Engine-room watch-keeping procedures

    • Internal communication systems 

    • Knowledge of emergency duties and alarm signals 

    • Information required to maintain a safe watch 

    • Safe operation of boilers

    • Fire fighting in machinery areas 

  • Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 15.40.04.png

    5 Days

    STCW V / 1-1, A-V / 1-1.1

    Training in Basic Oil and Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations
    • Loading and loading equipment

    • Cargo handling

    • Tank cleaning

    • Prevention of contamination.

  • Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 15.40.08.png

    5 Days

    STCW VI / 3

    Advanced Fire Fighting
    • How to identify, correct, and prevent events that can cause a fire hazard.

    • How to take appropriate measures for the safety of the crew and the vessel

    • How to react correctly to a fire 

    • How to use devices to combat fire